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Hot Water Music - Discografia

Finding the Rhythms

"The Passing"
"Counting Numbers"
"Liquid America"
"Arms Can't Stretch"
"Practice in Blue"
"Eating the Filler"


Forever and Counting

"Better Sense"
"Just Don't Say You Lost It"
"Rest Assured"
"Three Summers Strong"
"Man the Change"
"Western Grace"


Fuel for the Hate Game

"220 Years"
"The Sleeping Fan"
"Facing And Backing"
"Rock Singer"
"North And About"
"Difference Engine"
"Drunken Third"


No Division

"SouthEast First"
"Free Radio Gainesville"
"Our Own Way"
"It's Hard To Know"
"At the End of a Gun"
"No Division"
"Jet Set Ready"
"Hit and Miss"
"Driving Home"
"In Song"


Live at the Hardback

"Us & Chuck"
"Moments Pass"
"Where We Belong"
"Better Sense"
"Just Don't Say You Lost It"
"Drunken Third"


Never Ender

"Never Ender"
"The Bitter End"
"You Can Take the Boy Out of Bradenton"
"Hate Mail Comes in August"
"Things on a Dashboard"
"Us & Chuck"
"Sound For Language"


A Flight and a Crash

"A Flight and a Crash"
"Jack of All Trades"
"Paper Thin"
"A Clear Line"
"Choked and Separated"
"Old Rules"
"Sons and Daughters"
"Sunday Suit"
"She Takes it So Well"
"One More Time"
"In the Gray"
"Call it Trashing"



"Trusty Chords"
"I Was On A Mountain"
"One Step To Slip"
"It's All Related"
"The Sense"
"Not For Anyone"
"Sweet Disasters"
"Alright For Now"
"We'll Say Anything We Want"
"The End"


The New What Next

"The End of the Line"
"All Heads Down"
"My Little Monkey Wrench"
"Under Everything"
"There Are Already Roses"
"Keep It Together"
"The Ebb And Flow"
"Bottomless Seas"
"Ink And Lead"
"This Early Grave"


Till the Wheels Fall Off

"Kill the Night"
"Last Goodbyes"
"Seein' Diamonds"
"So Many Days"
"God Deciding"
"Russian Roulette"
"Radio" (Alkaline Trio cover)
"Bleeder" (Alkaline Trio cover)
"Caught Up"
"Wrong and Righteous"
"Take It as It Comes"
"Jaded Eyes" (Government Issue cover)
"Dreamworld" (Midnight Oil cover)
"Prince of the Rodeo" (Turbonegro cover)
"Moments Pass"
"Another Way"
"Moonpies for Misfits"
"Wild in the Streets" (Garland Jeffreys cover)
"The Clampdown" (The Clash cover)
"No Surrender" (Bruce Springsteen cover)
"Springtime" (Leatherface cover)


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